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Artelusa X Cultura Portuguesa | A partnership for better cork handbags & accessories

At Cultura Portuguesa we give a special care and attention to the products we make available to our customers. Providing and excellent service together with unique eco-friendly products has been since our doors open in 2011 our main priority. Recently Cultura Portuguesa & Artelusa are happy to make available exclusive cork handbags and other cork accessories in Cutura Portuguesa store in Porto and via online. All the products available from this partnership have the guarantee of using only premium materials for their construction as anti rusting zipper, soft and durable linings and for use only the best 1% of the cork extracted from the oak tree. Artelusa cork handbags & accessories are available online in our special collections of cork...

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Our favorite 3 cork bags for 2023 | Made in Portugal

By the time we write this article 2022 is almost over and is time to present what we have in view for 2023. The Portuguese fahion innovation keeps moving forward and new amazing cork handbags are being launched. In this article we present our list of favourite bags for the year of 2023. Is important to refer all this bags are made in Portugal and only use authentic Portuguese cork. Geometrical Cork Bag The fist on the list promises be a top sale for this year. With  a very bold design the geometrical bag makes difference due its exceptional shape and elegance. With dimensions of Dim: 50x35x15,5 cm aprox. it promises be able to pack more than your basics. The...

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4 Types of Cork Shoes | The Guide You Need

The Multifaces of Cork Cork is an extremely versatile natural material that literally grows in trees, turning into one of the raw materials more special on earth. If you never heard about the cork proprieties you can read some of the articles in our blog.  But believe me better than read my words, no doubt the best way is try for yourself the amazing material this is. Due its versatility for footwear purposes cork can be used in several components that form a shoe. Cork Sandals | Cork Footbed Sandals Due the amazing lightness and shock absorption proprieties of cork, this material have been used as footbeds in summer sandals. The main benefit is the incredibly arch support and less...

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5 Reasons why cork purses can be better than leather.

According with an online survey conducted by more than 90% of women have more one purse or handbag.  And another surprising feature is that 22.7% of women actually by a new purse very 1 to 3 months! We do understand we live in highly consumist society  where people  do see shopping as one of the most relevant leisure activities in their lives. The problem behind this, is the incredible amount of environmental and animal and sometimes even human resources needed to sustain this  high demand of the fashion industry. The purpose of this post is to enumerate 5 reasons cork made purses or handbags can be an amazing alternative to animal leather. So here it goes: Cork purses can be...

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