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5 Reasons why cork purses can be better than leather.

According with an online survey conducted by more than 90% of women have more one purse or handbag.  And another surprising feature is that 22.7% of women actually by a new purse very 1 to 3 months! We do understand we live in highly consumist society  where people  do see shopping as one of the most relevant leisure activities in their lives.

The problem behind this, is the incredible amount of environmental and animal and sometimes even human resources needed to sustain this  high demand of the fashion industry.

The purpose of this post is to enumerate 5 reasons cork made purses or handbags can be an amazing alternative to animal leather. So here it goes:

Cork purses can be Cruelty Free


The animal cruelty coming from the fashion industry is still very present these days. Fashion industry manufacturers and brands keep taking animal lives to pursuit profit, adding to this leather industry is one of the biggest poluents in the world. Not only we need to reduce the way we consume meat but also the way we consume product coming from animal components.

Cork can easily replace leather in order to make beautiful and long lasting purses. Cork is indeed an amazing and sustainable alternative to traditional animal leather. Coming from a tree a purse made from cork is an important step to reduce with animal cruelty.

Sustainable cork purses

Cork comes from the oak tree and every time the tree is harvested it realty grows again, meaning is a perfect sustainable material. Cork is mainly found in Portugal,  where  the biggest oak forest can be found. Sustainable and preservative practices are implemented in the country to promote the reasonable growth of the green space occupied by this amazing forest.

Cork Purses that last long


The cellular proprieties of cork allow the manufactured purses to protected with a material that is naturally water repellent, very elastic and resistant to friction and incredibly easy to clean. Incredibly to clean a cork purse you just need a baby towel and you are done!
So in conclusion, we understand  that good leather bag can last long, nevertheless cork leather can easily be replaced by by cork fabric.

Cork purses can be luxury

Cork purses made in Portugal are associated to a luxury product. High quality cork, isn’t a cheap material and this associated with the premium image the textile industry has all over the world it posicitionates cork made products as luxury material that for sure allow you to differenciate yourself from you friends. Futhermore, cork is so hard to find in different places in the world, I can almost guarantee, you won’t find anyone in the street with a purse as yours.

Cork purses variety

Cork is a very flexible material allowing it to be used  huge variety of purposes. Inside types of different styles of cork purses that can be done with this material the sky is literally the limit. From cork should bags, handbags with different forms, sizes, styles and colours even incredibly strong travel backpacks

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