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Cactus Leather Shoes made in Portugal | Vegan Shoes Europe

What is cactus leather?

Cactus leather is a fabric partially made with extracts of the nopal / cactus plant. The Cactus Leather was created by a company called a Mexican company called Desserto. After years of development, was in 2019 the company was able to showcase first final product.

Where is it come from?

As the company itself Cactus leather is produced in Mexico. The country of Mexico has a long tradition in the fashion industry and is of the main countries when it comes to produce fashion accessories, leathers or new fabrics.
More recently part of the Desserto inventory is now being produced and shipped from Italy. This is something very positive for European producers and brands as they are now able to more easily acquire the product without the need of paying high transport costs or high customs fees

Can cactus leather be used for shoes?

There are few doubts cactus leather has been more predominantly used in the fashion industry for fashion accessories goods as handbags, backpacks, belts or wallets. The use of cactus leather in shoes has been more carefully used and less often you are able to find brands able to offer you footwear made with the famous nopal leather. The reason behind, is related with the fact footwear is the piece of fashion that harder is to make and more perfect you need to be. Remember, your shoes are constantly being tested to stretches, tears, stains or dusts while you are casually walking. So the material had to be carefully tested on shoes before being given to customers.
Treec Footwear after a period of over 1 year of development and testing has been producing cactus leather shoes with success and with extremely positive feedback from consumers.

Are cactus leather shoes vegan?


One of the main questions, we have is weather cactus leather shoes are vegan? We can guarantee all cactus leather shoes developed by Treec Footwear are vegan as additionally to the fact this fabric is vegan also the other component of the shoes do not have animal provenience as well. This is wonderful news for us looking for long lasting, vegan and sustainable footwear options alternative to leather.


Treec cactus leather shoes where are they made?

Treec is a eco-focused shoe company based in the north of Portugal. All the Treec brand shoes are premium crafted by experience shoe makers from the local community in a small region of S. Joao da Madeira in the north of Portugal.


How long cactus leather shoes can last?

Cactus leather shoes developed by Treec Footwear are made to last as long as a good quality leather piece of footwear. Additionally, to a carefully way of crafting shoes, special manufacturing finishing technique of finishing the shoes and premium extra components as the materials for the linings used, Treec cactus leather shoes are definitely a good option.

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