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What is cork? All you need to know 5 Questions & Answers

1. What is the origin of cork?
Cork has its origin in the cork oak tree. It is removed from the tree by specialized workers, who carefully remove it by using the ax. The cork on the tree regenerates every 9 years.
2. Where can I find cork?
As previously mentioned, cork comes from the cork oak tree. Portugal has a cork oak area corresponding to 25% worldwide, being mainly found in the Alentejo region.
3. Is cork a durable material?
Yes. Cork is an extremely durable material, superior for example to animal skin. It is distinguished by its ability to resist to cuts, stains, liquids and even fire.
4. Is cork eco friendly & vegan?
Yes. Cork is a raw material that is extracted without damaging the environment or any animal species. The cork, when removed from the tree does not damage it, returning to self born.
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5. Why is it so trendy?
Cork is a natural and environmentally friendly material. As textile stands out for its durability, impermeability and unique look. It is an extremely versatile material that allows designers and fashion designers to play with its amazing proprieties.  

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