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Top 10 Cork Countries

Portugal is the world leader in cork. We export approximately US$1.1 billion annually. 62% of the world's cork exportation are made from our country. 
It is not so surprising the importance of this material and industry in several areas. In addition to the well-known wine stoppers, in the past years cork has proved to be a prominent material in the areas of construction, furniture or fashion.
Spain comes 2nd in the list. It is predicted to export 18.6% of all cork produced worldwide.
3.France: $ 90.8 million (5.1%)
4.Italy: $ 47.2 million (2.6%)
5.Germany: $ 33.6 million (1.9%)
6.United States: $ 24.7 million (1.4%)
7.China: $ 21.2 million (1.2%)
8.Morocco: $ 16 million (0.9%)
9.Chile: $ 10.8 million (0.6%)
10.United Kingdom: $ 10 million (0.5%)

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