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Portugal Cork shoes, why are they so special?

Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in all over the world. If you have a bottle of wine in your house is very possible the cork is originated from Portuguese lands. So is no surprise the industry associated with cork it is much better developed in Portugal than in any other country. 

It is in Portugal where you can find the best quality of cork to make cork shoes. Like the leather, there very different qualities of cork you can get, and a big part of them are not suitable for making shoes or any kind of fashion accessories. Many retailers are  buying low price cork for their designs...this is a big mistake. The Portuguese cork factories are the best to advise when you need the perfect cork fabric for the right shoes.

Alongside with the cork industry, Portugal's shoe making industry is one the finest in the world, and only Italy and Spain can export shoes more expensive than Portugal. The best shoe makers in Portugal are located in the north of Portugal are very close partners of us.

This bond between the cork and the shoe industry makes Portugal as the center of the "cork movement", and if you buy cork shoes it is highly recommended you buy them with portuguese cork and made by portuguese shoe makers. Our collection of cork shoes meet this requirement, so better have a look at them.

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