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Natural Cork Yoga Mat vs Fake Cork Yoga Mats

Fake Cork Yoga Mats everywhere

Cork has been seen has a great material. Is light, has a high coefficient of friction, great cushioning, soft, feels great and maybe the best propriety of all is natural and eco-friendly. We all love eco-friendly solutions, and cork yoga mats is definitely one of them. 

The question is do you really know what is a cork yoga mat? Running a quick browsing in Google,  I honestly tell I see fake cork yoga mats everywhere. Most people does not even have a clue what is natural cork. Well, us at Cultura Portuguesa are specialists in  the matter, and definitively can understand what is the fake what is the real. So lets give you some example what is fake. 

Fake cork yoga mat

This kind of granulated cork is  we can easily mention as fake cork....or better said almost no cork. Usually this "cork pattern" is a fine mix of rubber and cork,  can easily  be found in marketplaces as Aliexpress or Alibaba, there  suppliers usually from China gives you the chance to buy these mats has cheep as 4€ the piece! That is remarkable having in mind that then these "natural pieces" are sold as minimum 50€! Ladies and gentleman this is a rip off!  

The real Cork Yoga Mat

Not sure, if you are aware but Portugal not only is the biggest exporter in the World of cork but is by far the country better application give to this amazing material. Check by yourself what real cork means:

I guess you can easily understand the difference! True cork as also you see in cork bags or shoes has this fine colour and soft looking style. The difference is obvious! When you look at it but specially when you touch it you do not need to be a cork expect to understand the difference! With real cork you can also create different patterns. The difference between them is the cork layer extracted from oak tree. Check out our rustic cork yoga mat:


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