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Guillem - "El Bien Social"

How did you decide to start with the blog “el bien social” (“ the social good”)?

It all started in 2013, when I saw the news of the collapse of the RanaPlaza building in Bangladesh, which killed hundreds of people and uncovered the miseries of the low-cost fashion industry. For me it was a turning point, which led me to rethink the way I had to consume, and especially the brands I bought.
This led me to look for companies that work with fair trade criteria, organic products etc. In that search I realized that it was very difficult to locate them, so I decided to create a portal where anyone could find projects and companies that worked with these criteria that I was looking for.

What are the key elements when having a responsible and well informed blog?

It is very important to investigate as much as possible, and be humble. We cannot know everything, and the scope of sustainability is very extensive and touches all areas and sectors.

Therefore, although I am not a specialist in some of the areas I write about, it is very important that you read and inform me as much as possible, and link all the references that certify my words. And humble since sometimes I have had to change articles because the information that was valid at the time, did not reflect the current reality. There it is important to update the information so that it is true; The blog must be alive and as up-to-date as possible.


How can someone start acting more responsibly and make decisions that contribute to sustainability?

The process is simple, although changing habits usually generates a first internal rejection. I advise changing thematic to thematic. Many people are interested in zero waste, unprocessed food and vegan fashion, but if you try to do everything at once you will get frustrated and you don't change anything.

The first step is to become aware that we consume a lot, and that we really need much less. From here, step by step. Choose a theme that interests you, such as vegan fashion. The next time you have to buy some shoes for example, do not enter the first store you find. Analyze online, visit my post on vegan footwear, and choose based on the criteria that convince you. There you will have already made a first change


How do you see the future of sustainable fashion?

Having in mind how thing have changed in the last 3 years, quite well, although still a lot missing. People have begun to become aware of the importance of letting up fast-fashion, and even many large companies are making changes in this direction.

But it is also true that I am seeing many greenwashing campaigns, which is a shame from my point of view. To really consolidate we will need:

  1. Conscious consumers, who only buy what is necessary, and when they do choose companies that meet sustainability criteria
  2. That companies internally consolidate their commitment to sustainability, as is the case in Patagonia, and do not only dedicate themselves to taking out certain collections that are sustainable. Either it is sustainable or it is not, it is not worth being half sustainable.

What are the main elements that, for you, define a “sustainable / sustainable” product?

For me it is very important that they respect the following criteria:

- Organic fabrics

- Organic dyes

- That animal elements are not used

- That it meets the conditions of fair trade and proximity

Before know about us have you ever heard about cork fashion and its benefits?

The region where I come from, Catalonia, is known for its commitment to the cork industry, and had seen some example at the fashion level, but did not know the benefits it could bring.

What is your favorite product from our store?

I really like the Blue Cork Oxford Shoes, and the reversible cork belts!

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