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Cork Slippers - Why we all need them?

Cork Slippers | Why we all need them?

Nothing can be more confortable than being at home, lying on the sofa warm and cozy in those long days  in winter. We spend a big part of our time at home, and more and more we give value the way we spend our time in our cozy space. A nice pair of slippers make your feet nicer, warmer and enjoyable. This is the topic of this blog post, what a nice pair of cork slippers made in Portugal can do for you. 

Our two types of cork slippers
At out charm store in Porto and online we offer you now the opportunity to connect to the Nature while at home. The upper made with high quality cork leather, soft to touch, and very nice looking gives you the Nature's touch and the long lasting cork is highly recognized of.
You can choose from two types: the one that totally covers your foot and the traditional slipper mostly covering  the chest of your feet - the choice is yours! 

What about the colors? If you are a big fan  of the natural cork colors, the choice is obvious.  If by other hand you like it more neutral, and a bit fancier the dark brown slippers would fit you in perfection. 

As always, but is never to much mentioning, these slippers are carefully made in Portugal, by the best expertise hands. Grab yours now, as they tend to  sold out fast!

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