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Cork Shop Lisbon | How to have free same day delivery from Porto

Cork Shops Lisbon 

Portugal can be a small country, but attracts every year millions of tourists. The most visited destination in Portugal is Lisbon – capital of this amazing country on coastal Europe.
Cork is a famous product in Portugal. With no surprise tourists all over the world get amazed with this beautiful, eco-friendly material.  For sure you can find cork made products and  all around the city of Lisbon: market, souvenir shops and even cork dedicated shops.
However, as the problem that many touristic capital face, there are an immense amount of cheap made cork product sold for less knowledge tourist. Although these may look good quality at first sight many many times these are made in China with less quality component (including the cork) so these can be sold more affordable to tourists.

The cheap becomes expensive

The cheap many times becomes expensive. This is what happens many times lower quality cork products. I believe if you are visiting Portugal  you would want the authentic and well made cork bags, purse or shoes – so best to avoid the tourist traps.
When advice I can give to you, is buying online cork products while in Portugal.
The cork dedicated shop Cultura Portuguesa (located in Porto) is able to offer express same day delivery for free to Lisbon!

Free same day express delivery cork shop Porto-Lisbon


Cultura Portuguesa is probably the best well reputed cork shop located in Portugal (just check the Google reviews). So if you want the best trust only in the best. If you are in Lisbon and can’t find what you look for try Cultura Portuguesa express same day delivery between Porto and Lisbon. The order can be left courier shop, at your hotel reception or even directly to your hands.

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