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Cork Backpacks – This summer take the nature at your back

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A backpack made from cork may be you best partner for this summer. They are trendy, practical and there are perfect models for the season.

There are occasions for everything. To be formal and to be relaxed. In more formal situations, the most common are the smaller suitcases, hand or shoulder bags, where practically nothing fits. On a daily basis, with more relaxed looks, are the larger bags that stand out and the ones you will need.

They don't need to be XL size, they just need to have enough space to carry a little more than the wallet and the cell phone. As is the case with backpacks.

Practical, because they walk on our backs, we can easily support the weight on our body. Just one good reason to use them.

Cork Backpack Micork

You have several sizes in your hands to look for, and they also exist in XS, but they are the larger one that best accompany a lady needs throughout the day. In addition to the wallet and cell phone, keys, sunglasses, makeup and even a snack can fit. Depending on the size and model, even notebooks and computers can be put in a backpack.

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But these are not backpacks like the ones we used to wear for school. They are trendy backpacks, with the benefits of the amazing material that is cork. They surprise us with refined designs and classy details. It’s time to connect with Nature carry it at your back!

Cork Blue backpack  

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