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Best cork shop Lisbon | The best way to buy cork products

Cork is a unique material with very unique characteristics. From being naturally water repellent, lightweight, vegan and eco-friendly no country in the world is better to by cork made products than Portugal.

Shopping in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the destination in Portugal most tourists visit. Lisbon is a great city to go shopping, the typical streets of the city are packed with designer shops,  luxurious brands and very peculiar shops sorted with Portuguese products.

Cork Shops in Lisbon

As mentioned before, Lisbon is a great city for shopping, especially when you look for designer houses or worldwide known brands. In Lisbon you can also find cork dedicated shops, as in most touristic places in Portugal. The main challenge as a Portuguese I see in Lisbon is to find authentic made  top quality cork made products.

There are two main reasons I believe Lisbon lack in attractivity to buy cork made products.

1.One of these is a capital and main touristic spot in Portugal, as typical from very demanded touristic destinations you find many touristic traps in this cork dedicated shops in Lisbon. The main reason is  sellers are looking make as most profitable as possible and take advantage of the less knowledge of foreign visitors about the cork material and it’s authenticity. Let’s give an examples why can you find a cork wallet sold for 15 and others for over 40. Many times the explanation is on the quality of the material used in the product itself.

2. Lisbon isn’t a manufacturing region. Lisbon is the center of many business operations in Portugal, especially when we talk banking, finance, tech, insurances, ect. However, is the north region of Portugal (where Porto is included) the worldwide known textile and shoe manufacturing Portuguese industry is located. This make easier for a cork shop located in Porto  to source with local manufacturers their products and control their quality, from bags to shoes or small accessories. The Store Cultura Portuguesa aims to deliver this quality that makes the north region Portuguese manufacturing so famous all over the world. Cultura Portuguesa certifies all of their products and respective components come from Portugal obey to a high quality standard of quality of standard will make a cork product last for a lifetime.


If you are is Lisbon where can you find cork products from the Porto manufacturing region?

If you can’t visit Porto and physically visit Cultura Portuguesa shop, you can still buy online as is offering free shipping to Portugal, most of Europe and North America. So you can guarantee you have authentic made cork products delivered to your door without the hassle of being busted in touristic trap. Cultura Portuguesa can be bought online here and just check out bellow what people review about this store!,-8.6113854,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x39452e6a5bd1d050!8m2!3d41.1446707!4d-8.6113854

Cork Shop Cultura Portuguesa

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