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Beatriz Batista - Vegan Society

Beatriz Batista is the creator of the blog and one of our partners. In this interview she shares with us a bit about her blog and her vision about cork and sustainable fashion.

How did you start the blog "sociedade vegan"?

The blog started as a way to write and spread veganism, at a time when there was little information in Portuguese language. I wanted my closest friends and family, and others as well to know what led me to make this decision.

What elements do you consider essential when having a responsible and well-informed blog?
I believe a blog should be a reflection of the person who writes it. When writing or sharing information from third parties it is important to check the sources so false information is not disclosed. When it comes to veganism, it's important to show how easy it is to be vegan and that you don't need “weird stuff ” to be healthy.

How do you see the future of vegan fashion?
Vegan fashion is growing, more and more designers and brands are starting to produce sustainable vegan collections, this makes the browsing easier.

Do you dress 100% with vegan products?
Whenever I buy a piece of clothing, I never include products of animal origin, leather, fur, wool, silk, cashmere among others. I always opt for natural, organic and when not possible synthetic materials. When I find V label pieces, if I like I also buy.

What elements do you take in consideration when evaluating a vegan fashion brand or product?

When a new brand starts, I always seek to know more about the brand and who is behind it. I always prefer brands that are starting and preferably from Portugal.

Before you visit the our website website have you ever heard about vegan cork fashion and its benefits?
Yes, a few years ago I worked closely with cork leather. I did not know that cork could be so versatile and it is great to know that a portuguese product is starting to be in such demand! The natural properties of cork are also amazing and with the time they start to have very unique characteristics.

What is your favorite product at our store?

With no doubts the model Oxford Ladies Arade.



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