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10 Reasons to use Treec Cork Flips Flops

We all love Flip Flops. Either you live in a cold place or in warm place in our planet, I will bet you would love to spend all year in amazing lightweight flip flops. Well in Portugal, we lucky the weather allow us use them almost all year, specially in the south of Portugal - the ultra famous for its beaches Algarve.

Together with amazing weather, Portugal is a fantastic place for shoe manufacturing, where we can include the flip flops. The portuguese flip fops are of amazing good quality as most of the footwear manufacturing made at the country. 

Portugal is also well known for cork! Yes, cork! And at Cultura Portuguesa we are proud to be specialists in cork products where, for sure, we can include cork flip flops. Treec Footwear has in 2021 launched a special collection of cork flip flops where the colours make you fall in love with these. So, what make cork flip flops just an amazing product for your summer?

Treec Flip Flops are manufactured only with the best cork quality available. Sourced in portuguese oak forest, the cork used is specially recognize for its amazing lightness - weighing just 0.16 grams per cubic centimetre. Additionally, the outsole is made with ultra-lightweight  EVA instead of traditional and cheaper rubber soles often used for flip flops. 

You can make a full collection of colours.
Summer means happy colours. Luckily Treec flip flops are made with several colour options so you can match your daily outfit. Futhermore, at Cultura Portuguesa we are happy make your life easier. You can order  3 cork flip flops on the price of just 2.  

How many of your friends and family have flip flops made out of cork? I guess none or maybe only a few. Cork is such unique from a small country as Portugal that despite its amazing proprieties is still not well known all over the world. Despite its rarity, the looks of it is just very different of anything else - as raw material no piece is exactly the same as others.

As a raw material than can be harvested without damaging the tree, cork might be the most sustainable material in the World. Most of the Flip Flips available at the market are made with plastic threatening the future of our planet. It is time to make smart choices - for sure use products made out of cork is one of those.

Made under fair working conditions
Made in Portugal, under fair remunerated and safe conditions where best environmental practices are used under European standards, use Treec flip flops also empowers the work and expertise of each hand responsible for making your flip flops come to life.

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