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Natural Cork Yoga Mat vs Fake Cork Yoga Mats

Fake Cork Yoga Mats everywhere Cork has been seen has a great material. Is light, has a high coefficient of friction, great cushioning, soft, feels great and maybe the best propriety of all is natural and eco-friendly. We all love eco-friendly solutions, and cork yoga mats is definitely one of them.  The question is do you really know what is a cork yoga mat? Running a quick browsing in Google,  I honestly tell I see fake cork yoga mats everywhere. Most people does not even have a clue what is natural cork. Well, us at Cultura Portuguesa are specialists in  the matter, and definitively can understand what is the fake what is the real. So lets give you some example...

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Cork Slippers - Why we all need them?

Cork Slippers | Why we all need them? Nothing can be more confortable than being at home, lying on the sofa warm and cozy in those long days  in winter. We spend a big part of our time at home, and more and more we give value the way we spend our time in our cozy space. A nice pair of slippers make your feet nicer, warmer and enjoyable. This is the topic of this blog post, what a nice pair of cork slippers made in Portugal can do for you. Our two types of cork slippersAt out charm store in Porto and online we offer you now the opportunity to connect to the Nature while at home. The upper made...

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Cork Sandals? We have got you covered

Do you know the best of living in Portugal? No, isn't the sun, aren't the beaches or the  the historical sights. The answer is cork. This amazing and natural material where more than 90% of all world grows in Portugal. Why are Birkenstock so famous? The Birkenstock became famous because the models have an EVA gum swab that simulates cork and promotes perspiration, preventing the sweat from becoming condensed and offering even a good grip. Including the anatomical cork and latex sheet patented by Birkenstock, which is synonymous with quality, convenience and stability. But can you have all of this without Birkenstock? Birkenstock Thong Sandal - Source   Now you can get it from the Source Do you know Birkenstock...

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