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Cork Sandals? We have got you covered

Do you know the best of living in Portugal? No, isn't the sun, aren't the beaches or the  the historical sights. The answer is cork. This amazing and natural material where more than 90% of all world grows in Portugal. Why are Birkenstock so famous? The Birkenstock became famous because the models have an EVA gum swab that simulates cork and promotes perspiration, preventing the sweat from becoming condensed and offering even a good grip. Including the anatomical cork and latex sheet patented by Birkenstock, which is synonymous with quality, convenience and stability. But can you have all of this without Birkenstock? Birkenstock Thong Sandal - Source   Now you can get it from the Source Do you know Birkenstock...

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Guillem - "El Bien Social"

Gillem is the creator of the famous blog El Bien Social  (The Social Good) at this post he shares what he is doing to make this world a better place and his fascinating opinion about sustainable & cork fashion.

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