Artelusa X Cultura Portuguesa | A partnership for better cork handbags & accessories

At Cultura Portuguesa we give a special care and attention to the products we make available to our customers. Providing and excellent service together with unique eco-friendly products has been since our doors open in 2011 our main priority.

Recently Cultura Portuguesa & Artelusa are happy to make available exclusive cork handbags and other cork accessories in Cutura Portuguesa store in Porto and via online. All the products available from this partnership have the guarantee of using only premium materials for their construction as anti rusting zipper, soft and durable linings and for use only the best 1% of the cork extracted from the oak tree.

Artelusa cork handbags & accessories are available online in our special collections of cork handbags or cork backpacks. There are available accessories both from men and women to enjoy high quality, comfort and versatility only premium cork leather can offer. Check bellow some of the most cork handbags and backpacks from Cultura Portuguesa X Artelusa:


Geometrical Cork Shoulder Bag 

Geometrical Cork Shoulder Bag | Cork Bags
Cork Rectangular Purse orange
corkb ackpack vegan for men brown colour front

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