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Cork Products Portugal. Why isn’t just a souvenir?

Cork Products Portugal. Why isn’t just a souvenir?

Cork is the biggest producer of cork products in the World. The vast oak forest present in the country allows its extraction and later transformation and manufacturing of cork made products.
The most  famous cork item is without doubt the cork stopper, literally millions and  millions are exported from Portugal every year. With the advance of time, getting advantage of the benefits of this amazing raw material other products started to be imagined. The special highlight goes to fashion made products or even home decoration items.

Why isn’t simply a portuguese souvenir?

Top quality cork is an expensive material. While expensive can also be a durable and very flexible material that can be applied to numerous purposes. Fashion items, wall and floor insulation, padel rackets and the list could go on.

Souvenirs are usually connected to cheap products one can buy at a destination just to later on remember about the experience. Good quality cork made products get away from this range of products as more than a reminder they will also have a functionality. Here we have our 3 favourite types of cork products:

Cork products | Cork Bags

As previously mentioned cork made products can workout as fashion accessories, and here Cultura Portuguesa is a well dedicated specialist. Cork made bags can be made with a degree of functionality and durability compared with the best leather and for this reason is a perfectly vegan alternative to use animal skins for fashion products.
Cork bags can last a lifetime and when we are talking about to quality they usually start at over 35euros. After the cork bags, cork shoes are the most sourced fashion accessory made from cork.

Cork products | Cork Shoes

Water repellent, resistant to heat, fire, lightweight or breathable. These are just a few characteristics make cork shoes unique. They can be your perfect travel companion, so when you comeback from Portugal I swear these will be more than just a mere souvenir from Portugal. You check our cork shoes here.

Cork Products | Yoga

Yoga is an activity with a vast expansion of user in the past years. To practice this activity is well recommended to use a cushioned support. The vast of options available in the market of accessories made for this activity is unfortunately made with harmful materials for our environment.
Cork comes out as a great alternative to this products. The natural characteristics of this material as softness and grip proprieties allow cork yoga mats to amazing products for yoga lovers. You can check Cultura Portuguesa yoga products here.

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