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5 Reasons why cork purses can be better than leather.

According with an online survey conducted by more than 90% of women have more one purse or handbag.  And another surprising feature is that 22.7% of women actually by a new purse very 1 to 3 months! We do understand we live in highly consumist society  where people  do see shopping as one of the most relevant leisure activities in their lives. The problem behind this, is the incredible amount of environmental and animal and sometimes even human resources needed to sustain this  high demand of the fashion industry. The purpose of this post is to enumerate 5 reasons cork made purses or handbags can be an amazing alternative to animal leather. So here it goes: Cork purses can be...

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Best cork shop Lisbon | The best way to buy cork products

Buy cork from Lisbon cork shops. Better order online! The north region of Portugal (where Porto is included) the worldwide known textile and shoe manufacturing Portuguese industry is located. This make easier for a cork shop located in Porto  to source with local manufacturers their products and control their quality, from bags to shoes or small accessories.

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Cork Products Portugal. Why isn’t just a souvenir?

Cork is the biggest producer of cork products in the World. The vast oak forest present in the country allows its extraction and later transformation and manufacturing of cork made products.The most  famous cork item is without doubt the cork stopper, literally millions and  millions are exported from Portugal every year. With the advance of time, getting advantage of the benefits of this amazing raw material other products started to be imagined. The special highlight goes to fashion made products or even home decoration items.

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