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Cork Products Portugal. Why isn’t just a souvenir?

Cork is the biggest producer of cork products in the World. The vast oak forest present in the country allows its extraction and later transformation and manufacturing of cork made products.The most  famous cork item is without doubt the cork stopper, literally millions and  millions are exported from Portugal every year. With the advance of time, getting advantage of the benefits of this amazing raw material other products started to be imagined. The special highlight goes to fashion made products or even home decoration items.

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10 Reasons to use Treec Cork Flips Flops

We all love Flip Flops. Either you live in a cold place or in warm place in our planet, I will bet you would love to spend all year in amazing lightweight flip flops. Well in Portugal, we lucky the weather allow us use them almost all year, specially in the south of Portugal - the ultra famous for its beaches Algarve.Together with amazing weather, Portugal is a fantastic place for shoe manufacturing, where we can include the flip flops. The portuguese flip fops are of amazing good quality as most of the footwear manufacturing made at the country. Portugal is also well known for cork! Yes, cork! And at Cultura Portuguesa we are proud to be specialists in cork products...

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Natural Cork Yoga Mat vs Fake Cork Yoga Mats

Fake Cork Yoga Mats everywhere Cork has been seen has a great material. Is light, has a high coefficient of friction, great cushioning, soft, feels great and maybe the best propriety of all is natural and eco-friendly. We all love eco-friendly solutions, and cork yoga mats is definitely one of them.  The question is do you really know what is a cork yoga mat? Running a quick browsing in Google,  I honestly tell I see fake cork yoga mats everywhere. Most people does not even have a clue what is natural cork. Well, us at Cultura Portuguesa are specialists in  the matter, and definitively can understand what is the fake what is the real. So lets give you some example...

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