Our favorite 3 cork bags for 2023 | Made in Portugal

By the time we write this article 2022 is almost over and is time to present what we have in view for 2023. The Portuguese fahion innovation keeps moving forward and new amazing cork handbags are being launched. In this article we present our list of favourite bags for the year of 2023. Is important to refer all this bags are made in Portugal and only use authentic Portuguese cork.

Geometrical Cork Bag

The fist on the list promises be a top sale for this year. With  a very bold design the geometrical bag makes difference due its exceptional shape and elegance. With dimensions of Dim: 50x35x15,5 cm aprox. it promises be able to pack more than your basics. The geometrical shell shape of the top of these accessories catches the most demanding eyes and makes it unique.
This cork bag also marks its difference due its polyvalency you can use it as an handbag or as shoulderbag. One thing is true for sure, you almost won’t feel it your shoulders due its amazing lightness.

geometrical cork handbag

Squared Cork Bag

Minimalist design, clean shape, clear cut is what defines this perfectly cork made cork crossbody bag. A main benefit of this model is the possibility to choose from a variety of eye catching colours.
The interior is big enough to keep all your basics without the worry of feeling to heavy. My recommendation is choose the more catching cork colours to the summer as turquoise colour and the dark one to the winter periods.

squared cork crossbody bag

Travel Bag

The travel bag is a unique partner to join on holidays or business trips. The lightness of the cork will allow to fully pack this bag without feeling any weight coming from the material the bag is made. The expanding and flexibility characteristics of cork allow this bag to pack all your stuff in an organized way.
The handles are made with tested and soft strong leather sourced in Portugal. When finding this bag you will know you will have a trustable travel partner for many years.


travel cork bag made in Portugal

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